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New Artist Releases

Ex Makina
Welshly Arms
Valley Of Wolves
The Score

New Trailer Music Releases

Jack Trammell
Bryce Jacobs
Beatman & Ludmilla
James Dooley

Moderns release debut EP"Christopher Fudurich has worked on plenty of musical projects as a producer, but never with his own musical output. Rosie Okumura is a vocalist who ... [ Read more ]

Lux Pacific debuts Currents"Lux Pacific arrives with his iconic interpretation of California’s majestic beauty. His latest release “Edge of Horizon” is simply a gem. ... [ Read more ]

TRASHCLUB release BLACK OUTEvan Andree and Travis Bunn never expected to form TRASHCLUB. The two met by chance in Los Angeles, where they’d separately relocated—drummer ... [ Read more ]

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