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We are an independent publisher, record label and management firm, redefining what it means to be a music company.  Established in 1999 and still led by our founder Tyler Bacon,  Position Music boasts a multinational presence and a continually growing staff.   As experts in music licensing and synchronization, marketing,  A&R, and artist management, we are helping shape a new era in the industry with our innovative, full-service, artist-centric approach.

Based in Los Angeles, We place music across thousands of Advertising, Trailer, Film, TV, and Video Game projects, contributing to some of the most popular works of the past two decades.   Our advertising placements stretch across dozens of brands from Jeep to Google; McDonald’s to Samsung.   Our trailer placements include hundreds of major film campaigns such as Wonder Woman, The Hobbit, Transformers, and King Arthur.   Position’s expansive TV resumé includes dramas such as Grey’s Anatomy, Homeland and Billions; comedy favorites such as Big Bang Theory, and Life in Pieces; competition shows including America’s Got Talent and American Idol; and music-driven features Nashville and Star.  Video game companies such as EA, Activision, Riot Games, ESL, Microsoft, and Ubisoft trust Position with placing music for their keystone games and corresponding promotions, eSports events, and auxiliary productions.

Our highly strategic creative approach utilizes the power of song placement to build and fortify the careers of artists and composers, expanding the reach of their music and setting them up for long-term success.   As a fiercely independent company, we set ourselves apart with our full-service capabilities and nimble decision making.   This culminates in a boundless foundation of supporting, developing, and collaborating with the industry’s top talent in order to create the highest quality of music.   At Position Music, we maintain strong partnerships with industry leaders spanning from major record labels to the world’s top recording studios, further strengthening the artist-first approach.   With featured tracks across global advertising campaigns, television, films, and trailers, we have helped launch and amplify the careers of many artists.   Position Music’s artists have played across the world’s most iconic venues such as Red Rocks in Colorado and landmark festivals such as Lollapalooza in Chicago.

Position Music will continue to work passionately to forge lasting industry partnerships and elevate the careers of artists by connecting their music with audiences around the world. 


At a casino poker table there is a physical dealer that doesn’t play in the game.  He or she deals on your behalf, which is indicated by the "dealer button."  The button rotates to your left each hand.  Your position to the dealer is a significant factor you consider in every hand of poker you are dealt.  Where you are in position often determines how or whether you will play a hand.

To be the dealer on a hand means you are in last position, the best place to be.  Being in the dealer position means you have more information to act upon in that hand than everybody else at the table.  You are able to see who and how people bet before you have to act. You are often able to make plays based on that information.  There are hands you will raise with good position, where as you may fold that same hand in early position. 


Having Position In Your Favor Is An Asset

Core Values

We care about Artists as people.

We are committed to serving our clients.

We create an environment built upon integrity, teamwork, honesty, passion and fun.

We care about aesthetics, details and art.

We strive for excellence.

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