Ely Eira

From the dynamic music scenes of Stockholm and Los Angeles, emerges Ely Eira, a band characterized by its lush production, rich harmonies, powerful vocals, and emotional depth, making their music a distinct and captivating listening experience. The collective talent of Lina Hansson, Chris Accardo, along with brothers Fredrik and Kris Eriksson, gives birth to a cinematic hybrid-pop sound that explores themes of self-discovery, resilience, and empowerment. Their music is inspiring, yet hauntingly beautiful, reflecting the rich Nordic heritage of its members. Signed to Los Angeles-based independent record label, Position Music, Ely Eira first captured audiences' attention in 2022 with their debut album, The Legend of Ely: Prologue. One of the notable aspects of Ely Eira’s music is its cinematic quality. Their songs have been featured on major networks and streaming services as well as commercials, trailers, and film projects, adding to the dramatic and immersive nature of Ely’s sound. The combination of atmospheric production, emotive vocals, and introspective lyrics creates a ... [ more ]
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