On Layto’s anticipated debut LP, alternative psycho (out June 2), many personalities of the musician come out to play. Throughout the seven tracks, listeners are introduced to the passionate alt rock song bard and sly pop charmer, who combine to make beautiful music together. “Bending genres is what I’ve always been drawn to. I’m conscious of actively combining different elements of each genre, rock, alt and hip-hop, into an amalgamation of music that I want to be tenable for people,” says the songwriter, drawing on influential acts like Twenty One Pilots, Post Malone and Imagine Dragons in the art of musical multiplicity while honing in on a sound that’s uniquely his. While Layto is naturally gifted at creating his unique stylistic tapestry, it was also nurtured in his earliest years – the Boston native grew up the youngest of five in a lively, if not sometimes dysfunctional, household where many vied for attention and music became its own kind of escape. While his father had a love of crooners like Sinatra and Dean Martin (giving Layto an appreciation of vocal ... [ more ]
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