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V1: I opened up my mouth, I opened it up way too wide. There such a hole that some of my soul slipped on outside. And now there's nowhere to hide, I see that look in your eye. As I try to shove it back, shove it back, back inside. Chorus: I will lie to you until I believe and I will lie until it's all there will be. And I'll pretend until it fits like a second skin. And I'll reply each time this is how it's always been. And I will lie to you until I believe, I will lie until the lie is me. V2: Out of control my soul, I let it run out from within. There such a mess while I deconstruct, reconstruct, start again. Defective and disfigured and now you even know my name. As I try to keep it up, keep it up, play the game. (to chorus) Bridge: I cry, I cry for the part I know I will never have again. I try, I try over and over again to stand true to the lie. (to V1 then chorus then out)

End Title Credit Info:
Written by Beth Thornley
Performed by Beth Thornley
Courtesy of Position Music

Cue Sheet Info:
Artist - Beth Thornley
Written by Beth Thornley (ASCAP - 100%)
Published by Position Music Publishing (ASCAP - 100%)
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