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Easy McCoy

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Verse 1.

They want to take me alive tho
Its my time take a look at my watch on.
Im living life on a boat in a time zone
Where it never rains and God lets his sun Glow
A Head of my time, Call Me Honcho
i call it perfect timing
Yea thats pronto
A artist in the paint
Goin alonzo
And the drums sound like
They was in a Congo
My levels high and I'm feeling the vibe
Its my time and I'm feeling alive
The life of the party come on inside
Is a reunion of the Fly and we touching the Sky

Hook: Repeat x2
Im the last of dieing breed
Aint to my many left like me
Im the first of the new born kings
With a crown for the whole to See

Verse 2:
If you aint ready ride
Pull over let me drive
Im on a mission man I'm doing it right
Can't let you stop me or stop this night
But they aint stopping nothing, pushing the limit
Im front line on it. I'm the lieutenant
Im the segerant I'm the army I'm the soldier
In fact anything that I put into the work I get back Uh
My drive is high, push the limit and ride
The games on and the energys right.
Im like a lion with my eyes on the prize.
Its a reunion of the stars and we touching the sky

Hook. Repeat 2X

Easy Mccoy

Here to Stay Feat Teamarr

Verse 1:
They say the mountain is the Top
I say that just scratch the surface
Yea we started at the bottom
We no option but to go Up.
You know what hurt is?
When you growing up with no love
Where you knew how to dap before you learn to Hug
Where you fought in the street or you pulled a Gun
And Let off at the opps or you sold drugs

Now I'm rolling through the city
Living at the top of my world
Waking up to new views in the morning
up under my girl
This is what feel like
This is what it look like
When you see it from the top
That is what it sound like
When it came from the heart that could of died on the block
You Know!


You don't know my story
You don't know how much my mama worrys
Oh I should tell you by the way
i came for everything
I will not run away I'm here to stay!

Verse 2
They say the sky is the limit
I say that just scratch the surface
You see my lifestyle change
And know I'm high on purpose
Yea I'm fly on first class
The last shall be first yea I outlast
Last laughing to the bank
With the bag, I remember back then way back
They was looking at me like I never be nothing
But I already knew, now I'm pulling up in something coup
Hoping out so fresh like, looking brand new
This is what it look like, this is what it do
When you living that the truth, heart felt like the news
And what I put my mama through this aint nothing new

Hook Repeat..

“Im here to stay” Repeat

End Title Credit Info:
"All Heart"
Written By Michael Greene/Amit Ofir
Performed By Easy McCoy
Courtesy Of Position Music

Cue Sheet Info:
"All Heart"
Artist - Easy McCoy
Written By Michael Greene (ASCAP - 50%), Amit Ofir (ASCAP - 50%)
Published By Position Music Publishing (ASCAP - 50%), Firesand Music Publishing (ASCAP - 25%), The Entity 100 (ASCAP - 25%)
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