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treated everybody good,
and thats what got me here.
broke lonely strugglin night,
what really got me there. 
never thinking it twice,
no one can stop me yeah
realizing we need other...
know that id be here. yeah
loyal, until this last days.
dont judge a book by its cover,
judge by the last page,
and if tomorrow turned
out to be my last day
i wouldnt want i need you to be last phrase.
i aint too much of man,
to stand, for hand to help.
and life will always be better,
to know ya hand is felt. 
cant front i swear life is gamble, 
you gotta go play cards,
when the hand is delt.
tryna get that green on me.
while everybody screaming at me like 
dream on c. 
everyday i waited
everyone hated.
aint nobody said that 
you can lean me on 
shit that i deal with.(that's just what I deal with)
i need you 
you need me
and thats some real shit.(just don't forget this)
i treated everybody fair,
and thats what good here.
been outcasted, and made fun of
what really got me there.
never ever thinking it twice
no one can stop me yeah
realizing we needing each other
know that id be here
loyalty until the step.
judge a man on his future,
and not his past rep.
swear if tomorrow 
i took my last breath.
and i aint have no friends,
thatd be a sad death
we should be look out,
for our sisters and brothers.
all know one hand always washed the another
we stop the violence
drop the weapons instead of fighting how bout i hug ya 
finally got some green on me
then everybody round me, close
was tryna scheme on me, for this
everyday i waited
while everybody hated
and only few people said
yo lean on me.
thats some shit i deal with.(that's just what I deal with)
you need me i need you and thats some real shit (and don't forget this)

End Title Credit Info:
"Need Each Other"
Written by Benjamin Ezaki, Colin Holbrook, Craig Lashley
Performed by Stupid Kids
Courtesy of Position Music

Cue Sheet Info:
"Need Each Other"
Artist - Stupid Kids
Written by Benjamin Ezaki (BMI - 33.3%), Colin Holbrook (BMI - 33.3%), Craig Lashley (BMI - 33.4%)
Published by Mixed Metaphor Music (BMI - 50%), Benjamin Reynold Setsuo Ezaki (BMI - 16.65%), Colin Holbrook (BMI - 16.65%), Craig Grant Lashley (BMI - 16.7%)
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