Bear Jackson

Bear Jackson strikes you just like the name suggests. Classic rock tones with modern twists provide for smoldering chaos that burns with quiet intensity. The smooth R&B inspired vocals mixed with animated instrumentals culminate yield a wonderfully dark sound with a polished finish. Bear Jackson is raw with lyrics and melody that will rip into your soul in exhilarating fashion. Bear Jackson is a project that alludes on the edge of the great unknown. Drawing on such inspirations as Jimmi Hendrix and Sly and the Family Stone, Bear Jackson offers a bold take on indie rock and alternative music, at large.. Born of the “raw underspoken rough edges,” Bear Jackson is a project years in the making. It’s an energy that exists inside everyone, laying in wait for the right moment to break free. Bold, passionate, and imbued with a refreshing sense of sincerity, Bear Jackson is a savory-sweet, and quite emotional, sonic adventure that’ll keep you driving onwards.

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Bear Jackson

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