Kat Leon

Crafting cinematically dark music with a sense of urgency and power, front-woman Kat Leon (Holy Wars) was reborn into music after the tragic loss of her parents a few years ago. The gaping void shattered Kat’s world and altered her soul and songwriting forever. Enter “This Is How The World Ends”—an intoxicating, dark, and contemporary style of cinematic music that is released under her newer Kat Leon moniker. Wide-canvasing soundscapes, hard-hitting percussion, and long synth chords set a sultry bed for Leon’s uber-confident, grim yet powerful, and uniquely hopeful vocals to take center stage. It’s fearless music from someone who has suffered the worst pains yet continues to persevere and attempt to make sense of it all. Through this release, Leon poetically overcomes her personal vulnerabilities and existential demons with her jaw-dropping range, pitch control, and heart-wrenching emotional delivery. A quick look at the tracklist for Leon’s debut EP “This Is How The World Ends” and you’ll notice a theme of desperation, urgency, and resiliency. Standout ... [ more ]
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