CRMNL’s style effortlessly toes the line between electronic, hip-hop, and anthemic indie rock. With lead singer Cara’s hypnotic voice at the nexus of exquisite arena-ready production, the outcome is an indulgent and sultry sonic intoxication with an ever-present glimmer of hope and optimism. Like the photographs of the elusive CRMNL suggest, there’s a curiosity and mysterious darkness that surrounds CRMNL. Tracks like “Trouble” off CRMNL’s debut EP released in 2017, feature vivid imagery of succumbing to your deepest desires, that you know are not good for you in the long-run, but are exhilarating in the short-term. Like a double-shot of premium tequila at a hot-and-sweaty nightclub, CRMNL’s music is a rush of rebellious excitement that’s instantly felt throughout your entire body. Cara describes the CRMNL persona as “a powerful woman that is bold, strong, and powerful”—which is extremely evident in the newest CRMNL output called CRMNL (II), released in 2019 via Position Music. While CRMNL’s latest music may be a little more subdued in ... [ more ]
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