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this is the sequel, we got the people peekin in the door callin out for more come on brethren, feelin irreverent wackin and wreckin, the samurai seven excedrin, high-strength, volume eleven not hipnotized by the dotted lines and dollar signs it's Ma Belle's fate to ill-communicate come here quick, it's the lickin stick the shot gun, shoot it where he run tra-la-la-la-la, tipitina-na-na the Vaughn's jutebox rocks clocks so plug it in and turn it on and up on and up, on and up, on and baby up on and up, on and over, baby up get down, sugar sugar, up and up on and up, on and up, on and up on and up, getting up, up and over step up, check it, wreckin it got too many people on the dance floor just tune in, turn on, and heat em up a a a a come on, baby up somebody gotta show em what's up and up and that's me and homie and Canario and Andi and Graci even Billy-o with the prime function at the booty junction shake, shake, your money-make movin, groovin, doin it, you know countin it, pushin on and up and ya'll say boohoo – it ain't funky enough you say, wah, wah, wah – it ain't funky enough what am I tryin to do? – it ain't funky enough wah, wah, wah come on, we gon, rock on, too strong bag it, tag it and wrappin it pushin it, keepin up, shockin it hip-hop it, come on cuttin hard, yo this is the music that I grew up with so stop harpin on the authenticity myth if 85'll wait, and 10's gon hate then 5 are gonna push it on and up

End Title Credit Info:
"On the On & Up"
Written by Beston Barnett
Performed by Beston
Courtesy of Position Music

Cue Sheet Info:
"On the On & Up"
Artist - Beston
Written by Beston Barnett (ASCAP - 100%)
Published by Position Music Publishing (ASCAP - 100%)
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