I Think I'm Falling In Love


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I just let myself go. I just let myself go. I just let myself go. I just let it go, so hear we go, let it flow, `Cause it`s a night like no other, I told my mother, This girl treated me so right I`m just holding tight To the idea that she wants date number two with yours true. And if dates three and four ensue, I`ll be floored. Score or no score, I want more. Get me on the dance floor, I`ll spin you, skin you, Maybe win you a trip to the Tropics On a non-stop disco rocket. But tonight with all the candlelight and stars, How about we take down your brother`s old guitar, And I`m gonna sing you a song, babe, I`m gonna sing you a song, and it goes... I think I`m falling in love again So won`t you pour me another drink, babe. Goes sweet with the old cat-gut guitar And the candle slowly sinking. The moon is laying us down, babe. The moon is laying us down. I don`t think I can get to my feet With the moon so big and round. Let`s start by listing gifts that you have given me: A pair of hazel blue eyes to lose myself in; A mental picture of the world full of promise; A key to new frontiers within myself. And if that ain`t wealth then fuck it, I`ll forego the ducats, roll over, kick the bucket. Take this phony life and just huck it. You just show me the system: I`ll buck it. Got to suck it up, all these doubts of mine, `Cause the prize in your eyes, it can`t be lying, And the truth is crying out just to take us higher. Your love to me: air, water, earth, and fire... I got love in the palm trees. I got love in the palm trees. Like a tropical ocean breeze, This crazy palm tree love. If you want to take it higher, let`s take it higher. I can`t stand pussyfooting or formal attire. If the candle`s caught flame, I`m gonna feed your fire. Skip the dirty dishes, let`s rock.

End Title Credit Info:
"I Think I'm Falling In Love"
Written by Beston Barnett
Performed by Beston
Courtesy of Art Hurts Records/Position Music

Cue Sheet Info:
"I Think I'm Falling In Love"
Artist - Beston
Written by Beston Barnett (ASCAP - 100%)
Published by Position Music Publishing (ASCAP - 100%)
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