Rumors Are Flying

Astoria Kings

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We're by ourselves
I'm kind of scared
I need to know that you won't tell
Let's keep it down
If someone comes
I would lie and say I don't know your name

Rumors are flying
We keep on trying
To make it all right when it's wrong
Rumors are flying
No sense denying
That we got a thing going on

I got a girl
You got a man
But here we are with no real plan

Once in the car
And on the beach
Could we lie and wait till the whispers fade away

We got a good thing
So don't say nothing

I think it's time to find it out right now
Let's take this chance and try
Let's make it tonight

End Title Credit Info:
"Rumors Are Flying"
Written by Ron Haney, Robert Cooper, Jessica Penner, Bart Schoudel
Performed by Astoria Kings
Courtesy of Recurrent Records/Position Music

Cue Sheet Info:
"Rumors Are Flying"
Artist - Astoria Kings
Written by Ron Haney (BMI - 30%), Robert Cooper (BMI - 30%), Jessica Penner (BMI - 30%), Bart Schoudel (BMI - 10%)
Published by February Eighth Music (BMI - 15%), Bobby Dog Music (BMI - 15%), Star and Sea (BMI - 15%), Sunny Cap Publishing (BMI - 5%), Mixed Metaphor Music (BMI - 25%), Tracks of Choice Music (BMI - 25%)
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