Dust And Bones (feat. Adam McInnis)

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Verse 1:
As long as the sun is rising
Life and Death is on Horizon
Ill take it in blood
Thats what I live for
Born alone die alone
So what you scared for
Aint no fear when its everything you prepared for
Shed blood with no regret
And cried tears for
Put a lot of time in
And did years for it
To lose everything you Love
And gain the world from it?
So whats the spirit to a lost soul?
A dead man walking!
And whats a heart when its turned cold
A empty man in a coffin.

Dust and Bones
Take what you want
Cause after you gone
Its dust and bones
Breaking you Bad
Fight to end.

You got wake before you rise up
Never wait until ya times up
Cause all we are, is dust and bones.

Verse 2:
A long as the moon is shining
As the world turns
We accustomed to violence
Where the good dies young
And speak it in silence
Hear no evil see no evil
But we feel it inside em
Living just to die barely surviving
They say the truth hurts so we sharpen our iron
We need living water
Just as much as the fire
Pressure is a privilege that creates Diamonds
So I travel the road.
The one less traveled where the lost won't go
As the sunset before the moonlight glows
To get what I'm searching for before I'm dust and bones

Hook Repeat.

As long as the world is turning
I take what is mine cause I earned it
until the death of me I live
And for the life of me I am
Going to keep on, going to keep on shining.
Im a keep on rising
Im a keep on shining
Im a keep on You know!

Dust and Bones Repeat..


End Title Credit Info:
"Dust And Bones"
Written By Joachim Rygg/Michael Greene/Adam Mcinnis/Ethan Roberts
Performed By Easy McCoy
Courtesy Of Position Music

Cue Sheet Info:
"Dust And Bones"
Artist - Easy McCoy
Written By Joachim Rygg (ASCAP - 40%), Michael Greene (ASCAP - 20%), Adam Mcinnis (ASCAP - 20%), Ethan Roberts (ASCAP - 20%)
Published By Position Music Publishing (ASCAP - 50%), Posh Capella Music Publishing (ASCAP - 20%), The Entity 100 (ASCAP - 10%), Playboy Poetry Publishing Co (ASCAP - 10%), Played By Ear Music (ASCAP - 10%)
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