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My Body on the edge of breaking
Lately I'm to tired to sleep
But I'm not past the point of saving
My biggest dreams come
When I'm wide awake.

Verse 1
Swerving through the city
Where I'm from putting on
Cause the saying get old
Dripping in the sauce
And leaning when I'm driving
Coming fresh from the stove
Ive been going through it for a long time
Now I'm up now I'm standing on my throne
Piece full of diamonds chain full of gold
“Im shining” stop talking to me hater
I don't hear what you saying that ish getting old
Kick rocks get on, we going to get rich
And get gone.
Aint no poor man dream in my dome
I believe in myself you don't
Stepping like a alpha mega you know.
Whipping like a chef at the stove.
I come up from the sto where the block hot
And the hoop dreams get shot down
Where kids get life and D-Boys ride around in the hood with the top down.
Where if you get caught on the wrong side of town
Then you might get knocked down
You might get not found
What Goes around do come around.


Verse 2
Sitting in the back
Rolling hard pulling out the trap
I got to get it like I'm robbing with the Mac
And if I fall off, I got to get it back
Yea yea I was raised in the projects
In the kitchen by the stove with the pyrex
Yea yea I was raised with the pirates
Yea yea I was raised right on the steps
Yea I been trying to get it
Since a long time coming
Been a long time coming for me y'all know
its been a long time coming. In the street
And I need to get out and make it to the top Floor
Skyscraper out my window, double back and get my kinfolk
Double up and get my shine on
Alot of muscle so my gring strong
A lot of Grind with the struggle
Keep ya mind on ya focus
And ya vibe on High Dog
And ya stove stay turned On
Yea never turn Ya hustle Off
Every since a kid I was cooking in the kitchen
Just to eat and get bread.
What to see my mama win.
Want to see my brother Free
What to see family get out of the Red..


End Title Credit Info:
"The Stove"
Written By Michael Greene/Samuel Shrieve/Amit Ofir
Performed By Easy McCoy
Courtesy Of Position Music

Cue Sheet Info:
"The Stove"
Artist - Easy McCoy
Written By Michael Greene (ASCAP - 25%), Samuel Shrieve (BMI - 50%), Amit Ofir (ASCAP - 25%)
Published By Mixed Metaphor Music (BMI - 12.50%), Position Music Publishing (ASCAP - 37.50%), Sam Shrieve Publishing (BMI - 12.50%), Firesand Music Publishing (ASCAP - 25%), The Entity 100 (ASCAP - 12.50%)
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