Run Down

Easy McCoy

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Verse 1.
What if I run down on em.
To paint a picture, draw the pound on em.
Lay em down on the ground.
Let em lounge on it
And he aint getting up Na
You can count on it.
At war with the devil I put my life on it
And if I die tonight, tonight will be right moment
And im shine forevever, like the lights coming
A hundred miles, A Hundred Mill, A hundred Everything.
A Hundred Killers and Guerrillas like Hunger Games
Shoot for the head, like I'm a never miss
I never run I run into you and ill never flinch
Drop you where you land
And never move a inch
I want it all not a pinch
This for getting rich, this for taking risk
This for taking it. If they don't give me what is mine
Aint no excuses for it. I push the line forward
Go like my minds focus, with a focused drive
And go and get mines from it.

I wake up early on the grind
Money on my mind
Gun by my side
Im ready to go
Im bout to hop in and take a ride
Ride out to his side
When I see him, im letting him know
Im bout to run down em.

What If I pull up on em
And hop out and draw down on me
Lift him up off the ground and watch him land on it
And if he get up, give him a round while he sit up
At war with the devil until God come and get us
And if I die tonight remember my acts like scripture
They match every word and whatever I live for
Celebrate with only the people Id kill for and would kill everything for the same that id die for.
And ride for the people I ride for.
Its live out here in the streets you can die from
Red and blues lights from the red rum so keep ya ear to it and ya hand on ya dam gun.

Hook repeat 1 time

Nah I aint playing games
Im bout to run down on em

End Title Credit Info:
"Run Down"
Written By Michael Greene/Amit Ofir
Performed By Easy McCoy
Courtesy Of Position Music

Cue Sheet Info:
"Run Down"
Artist - Easy McCoy
Written By Michael Greene (ASCAP - 50%), Amit Ofir (ASCAP - 50%)
Published By Position Music Publishing (ASCAP - 50%), Firesand Music Publishing (ASCAP - 25%), The Entity 100 (ASCAP - 25%)
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