Heartless (Feat. Nyzzy Nyce)


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  • Danny Cocke, Deangelo Samuel

  • Composer

    Danny Cocke (BMI - 50%), Deangelo Samuel (BMI - 50%) / Mixed Metaphor Music (BMI - 75%), Banana Ok Music (BMI - 25%)


Verse 1
I grew up int the gun smoke
Imma bring the drama to ya
front door
We donʼt say much cause
itʼs cut throat
Play about the bread then
you all toast
you ainʼt bout that life you
better move
Winners at the table my
team could never lose
I be out the window with ozz
Ya They can not see me I
blind em with the Jewls
Shine in the darkness ,Still
remain heartless
We donʼt give a damn we
gon take it all regardless
Verse 2
They tried to say i was
Now They got me on a
rampage and Iʼm lurkin
You canʼt put me in a cage
boy Iʼm
You gone put me to rage
then Iʼm murkin
Yea Dressed in all black im
uh Monsters
Now they got me Ridin with
the strap like a mobster
Making million dollar moves
eatin' lobsters
Im loadin up Banana in
these Choppa
Yeah I donʼt want half I want
it all boy
Before you walk u know you
gotta crawl boy
You gon make me hit cha in
ya jaw boy
Yea Imma Get it all fuck the
law boy
Hook x3
Riding in the darkness
Still remain heartless
Riding in the darkness
We donʼt give a damn we
gone take it all regardless

End Title Credit Info:

"Heartless (Feat. Nyzzy Nyce)"

Written By Danny Cocke/Deangelo Samuel

Performed By D-Nyzz

Courtesy Of Position Music

Cue Sheet Info:

"Heartless (Feat. Nyzzy Nyce)"

Artist - D-Nyzz

Written By Danny Cocke (BMI - 50.00%), Deangelo Samuel (BMI - 50.00%)

Published By Mixed Metaphor Music (BMI - 75.00%), Banana Ok Music (BMI - 25.00%)
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