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I know it's getting late

But I'm trying to keep it straight, She said

But the message on her face

Said she's looking to make more than friends

Crush a pill

Hit any minute

Blurry vision

Pushing the limits

More drugs

More bad decisions

I'm uptight

Be nice

Every time you fuck

You just wanna make love

You wanna make love

You wanna make love

But every time you drunk

You just wanna get

You wanna get

You wanna get

You wanna get

And in the morning there's a story

Where there's shame

There's always glory, I guess

But the feeling in your chest

Says there's something that was left unsaid

Crush a pill, Hit any minute

Blurry vision pushing the limits

More drugs more bad decisions

I'm still uptight, Be nice

I don't know what you want

But you're looking for something, Something

You lost a piece of your heart,

Did you trade it for nothing?

For nothing

End Title Credit Info:

"Wanna Get"

Written By Amit Ofir/Paraj Jain

Performed By AKA Wolves

Courtesy Of Position Music

Cue Sheet Info:

"Wanna Get"

Artist - AKA Wolves

Written By Amit Ofir (ASCAP - 50%), Paraj Jain (SESAC - 50%)

Published By Position Music Publishing (ASCAP - 25%), Firesand Music Publishing (ASCAP - 25%), The Glitter Club (SESAC - 50%)
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