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  • Composer

    Jason Medeiros (ASCAP - 50%), Brian Roberson (ASCAP - 50%) / HNGR (ASCAP - 25%), King's Son Music (ASCAP - 25%), Position Music Publishing (ASCAP - 50%)


[Mr. J. Medeiros]
Track 10 got your mind like bang
Talking bout a 10 not a 9 like bang
Your back wanna boom like the boom wanna a rang
Till you hear it back like a boom a rang
Talking boutta bang but you know you gotta pop
Cus if it don't bang it ain't ever gone pop
You see I gotta grand so they call me grandpops
You ain't gotta grand so they call you grandnot

I go hard like things that go hard
Think of things that go hard I go hard like that
Track 10 posted up on your blog like that
You see that post up see that yall like that

I'ma drive in my car like vroom
See me driving by in my car like vroom
People wanna ride but I ain't got room
They see me in my ride cus I play that boom
Now blame that vroom when I vroom right passed them
But I got one two many vrooms if you ask them
But I got 122 on the dash and
I'm gonna run these 22's right passed them

I get cash like people who get cash
See people who get cash I get cash like that
Track 10 You know I gotta stash like that
You can't even grow a mustache like that

[Stro Elliot]
Cheddar cheese on my linguini
Pigs in a blanket with them little weenies
My watch cold, ice creamy
Coco pop like shimmy shimmy
Bird chest I don't need a shirt
White cap white pants like a swag Smurf
Bleep Bleep nanoo nanoo in my UFO
Yup, but I'm still getting paper though

Yum, I got a Cup o' Noodles
Call me the dog catcher cause I'm cleaning up your doo doo
Bulldogs dumping on them all white poodles
Turn a Lady Ga Ga to a Ga Ga Goo Goo
Tricks like parlor, prick like barb wire
Binks binks Jar Jar, space like Star Wars
You want to hang like this
Have you ever played a grown man's game like this?
II goes......

End Title Credit Info:
"Track Ten"
Written by Jason Medeiros, Brian Roberson
Performed by The Procussions
Courtesy of Position Music

Cue Sheet Info:
"Track Ten"
Artist - The Procussions
Written by Jason Medeiros (ASCAP - 50%), Brian Roberson (ASCAP - 50%)
Published by HNGR (ASCAP - 25%), King's Son Music (ASCAP - 25%), Position Music Publishing (ASCAP - 50%)
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