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Position Music

Position Music is an independent company that works in this new era of the music industry. Founded in 1999 by Tyler Bacon, Position Music primarily focuses on Music Publishing and Artist/Label Representation for Film/TV licensing. We are about developing, supporting and partnering with great artists and producers.

Having built relationships within the Film/TV community for over 17 years (well before licensing became the conversation it is today), Position Music has had thousands of placements in Films, TV, Video Games, Trailers, Commercials and Soundtracks.

In a time when the music business is reinventing itself, Position Music has grown to include an Indie Record Label, a Production Music Library.

The licensing aspect of the company has developed into 3 main areas - Artists, Motion Picture Advertising music (Orchestral Series) and Production Music.
We have a large catalog of independent artists. In addition to full-length albums, we feature many artists on our Film/TV Artist Compilations. We currently have 23 volumes of Artist Compilations available that are 100% master/synch controlled.

POSITION MUSIC - TRAILER MUSIC (Motion Picture Advertising)
As the company was having success in licensing commercial artists for movie trailers, we created the Position Music - Orchestral Series to get more involved with traditional Motion Picture Advertising.
The series currently focuses on the Action/Adventure/Suspense genres and emphasizes the large orchestral and choir tracks inherent in those type of trailers. The Position Music - Orchestral Series has become a very successful part of the company and is regularly featured in major film campaigns, such as "Spiderman-3," "Harry Potter," "The Golden Compass" and "Hancock."

In becoming a full-service licensing company beyond our roster of artists, we decided to start a production music library. The Position Music - Production Music Series was born in 2004 and now features over 200 albums. The series is rooted in Hip-Hop, Electronic and Rock, and is constantly expanding to cover more ground. The production music is created by high quality, very credible artists and producers.
The Production Music Series is available for blanket and "pre-cleared" deals.

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