Kid Bloom

Artist / Producer / Multi-Instrumentalist
Alternative / Pop


The brainchild of Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Lennon Kloser, Kid Bloom emerged in 2016 with a sound and style steeped in 1970s and '80s pop, electronic, and psych-tinged indie rock. After bubbling under the surface with a series of independent releases, Kid Bloom burst into the mainstream with the arrival of 2020's acclaimed Blood Sugar EP. His full-length debut, Highway, appeared in 2022. Kloser, who handles the majority of the writing and production, formed the group in 2015. Citing a wide array of influences that include Tame Impala, the Weeknd, Travis Scott, Big Star, and David Bowie. Kid Bloom released the debut EP A Different State of Mind in 2016. The title cut garnered a surplus of streams, and before long Kloser and company had become a hot commodity both at home and abroad. The disco-forward A Long Kiss Goodbye EP arrived the following year. 2019's Lemonhead EP both expanded and crystallized the project's retro-futuristic sonic esthetic, as did 2020's ephemeral Blood Sugar. 2021 saw the release of the funky psych-pop single "Control," ... [ more ]


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