Aurora Bloom

The first track on Aurora Bloom’s debut is aptly called “Lotus Flower”. Like the flower itself, the song starts with a unassuming keyboard riff, with arpeggiated harps and a building snare roll, the song blooms into a fully bass heavy dance drop with Aurora Bloom singing the refrain: “Come color my world/Come color my world/ Every shade, every color of the rainbow/of the rainbow” Kaleidoscopic colors and bright tones root Aurora into a lush jungle full of tantalizing crescendos, hues of EDM production techniques, and shimmering vocal effects. Intertwined with empowering lyrics that celebrate pure natural beauty and our most elemental of desires, Aurora Bloom floats over fist-pumping tunes like a mystical fairy canvassing a hidden flower garden deep in an enchanted forest. Inspired by flowers in spring (hence her artist name), Aurora Bloom sees obstacles as a time and place to learn and rise out of it stronger like a phoenix being resurrected from the ashes. “I love nature, flowers, and bright colors. I strive to always see things positively. Hopefully songs ... [ more ]

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Aurora Bloom

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