The album cover of RAVN’s debut EP Revival depicts a small child in a blood red jacket hiking through an ominous and moody forest of tall-standing trees. The image evokes a feeling of isolation, curiosity of the natural world, and an eerie sense of outward exploration—a perfect visual depiction of what RAVN sonically expresses on their cinematic debut Revival. Hence the title, all of the tracks on Revival are epically-remixed covers of popular classics from the likes of Bon Jovi, The Who, MC Hammer, and more. The dynamic songwriting duo of Becca Krueger (Vocals) and Erick Serna (Production) literally take familiar melodies and lyrics and breath new life into them through immersive soundscapes, hard-hitting drums, droney synths, and Krueger’s broodingly beautiful and hauntingly toxic voice over it all. Cinematic drops and chugging builds paint a dystopian yet hopeful world drenched in elegant mystery. “RAVN draws its inspiration from nature and the cinematic elements that come with it,” Krueger says. “When we create, we always come in with ideas, but like to leave ... [ more ]


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