Born out of the fervid imaginations of prolific musicians Amp Live and Jo Blankenburg, STRNGTHRY (pronounced “String Theory”) invites you to ponder existential questions and interpret the ever-changing relationship between classical music and electronic hip-hop and dance music. This sonic experience comes from two musicians from two very different walks of life. AMP Live is an accomplished hybrid hip-hop and electronic producer that has collaborated with the likes of Bassnecter, Atmosphere, Mad Zach, Collie Budz, Rebelution, Dirt Monkey, and many more. Meanwhile, Jo Blankenburg is a revered composer whose music you have likely heard in blockbuster films such as The Hunger Games, Harry Potter,, X-Men, How To Train Your Dragon, Wonder Woman, and more. The two LA-based musicians recently linked up through Position Music and created a dazzling six-track EP that pushes sonic boundaries. Drawing from a wide array of inspiration, STRNGTHRY seeks to challenge the stigma that classical music is boring, proving that it can be electrifying and awe-inspiring to a progressive new ... [ more ]
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