Fools At The Table

Matt Beckler

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  • Matt Beckler

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    Matt Beckler (ASCAP - 100%) / Sleepingday Music (ASCAP - 100%)


I've been riding slowly out into the salty evenings I'm tired of picking up snakes Tired of throwing stones And my fever climbs the more I roll With all the cover in the world My skin still shows I've been finding nails I'd been dropping on my Savior's picture I tried dialing out I think He's got me on hold And all the lonely sons- We start to fold Could You blind my eyes I've seen far too much (Chorus) Staring at these visions Sliding down inside of me The fools are at the table To tell me where it starts And how it ends Would You tell me where it starts And how it ends? I've been dragging heartache- Every corner yields another blister And I've been trying hard just to leave it at home But it's long this knife- And hot it's claw Oh they found me out Now they'll make me crawl (Chorus repeated)

End Title Credit Info:
"Fools At The Table"
Written by Matt Beckler
Performed by Matt Beckler
Courtesy of blueWookie Productions/Position Music

Cue Sheet Info:
"Fools At The Table"
Artist - Matt Beckler
Written by Matt Beckler (ASCAP - 100%)
Published by Sleepingday Music (ASCAP - 100%)
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