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    Zan Passante (BMI - 50%), Mark T. Williams (BMI - 50%) / Mixed Metaphor Music (BMI - 100%)


Look who's back, with the back I like. Pretty little angel, gonna move tonight. I could be your man, depending on your plan, When you say, "Who's that?" They say, "It's Zan." Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna say, when ya gonna come around here and play? Love is cool, love is kind, I love it when love's gotta big behind. Love is like a roller-coaster, step into line (PRE-CHO 2 - Love your...ask me a question and I'll tell you no lies). Gimme gimme gimme choices, but there's so little time. And I really feel my queen should be the one to make me move and knock me off of my feet. But I only want one lady and one lady will do (tell me what kind). The kind that gets on the floor, she'll be knockin' down doors. Here we go, come on come on. I like ‘em big, small, a woman with some soul. I like ‘em smooth as satin sheets... Just like a Booty-Shakin' Queen. I like ‘em fly and fine, and everything between. I like ‘em funkalicious sweet... Just like a heart-breakin, Booty-Shakin' Queen. Just move it, just shake it...Booty Queen just shake it move it. Now let me see you shakin' that thing, Lettin' it go like a one night fling. I like the way you dance, I like the way you move, Baby never stop, cause you be gettin' in the groove. What's it gonna be, who you gonna love, when ya gonna fall from up above? Love is sweet, love is right, love is kickin' in the house tonight. Baby, you've been overtaken, by this all night Booty Shakin'.

End Title Credit Info:
"Booty Shakin' Queen"
Written by Zan Passante, Mark T. Williams
Performed by Zan
Courtesy of Madtone Entertainment/Position Music/Position Music

Cue Sheet Info:
"Booty Shakin' Queen"
Artist - Zan
Written by Zan Passante (BMI - 50%), Mark T. Williams (BMI - 50%)
Published by Mixed Metaphor Music (BMI - 100%)
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