It's All or Nothing


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  • Cornell Saluone, Gunnar Olsen, Mark Thomas, Rick Angulo, Shawn Murphy

  • Composer

    Mark Thomas (BMI - 20%), Gunnar Olsen (BMI - 20%), Shawn Murphy (BMI - 20%), Cornell Saluone (BMI - 20%), Rick Angulo (BMI - 20%) / Mixed Metaphor Music (BMI - 100%)


VERSE CHORUS All for nothing or next to/either or we going to tend to make sure that/we bringing the hard to the core that transmission raw/pure never before not diluting for sure we shooting for the stars/and beyond execution not losing to settle the score/a resivior of thought/What I always knew I would want/nonstop Numbs massive click steps in and thickens the plot with just one shot/one hit wonders what we not/steal the sun our future reach up/a theif overnight can't sneak up/in this day & age of ice (turn the heat up)/keep it on blaze/advancement, amaze/feel the foundation shake & sway (catastrophic) now it's time to find a way/wide awake with life, purpose/the best is yet to come/moving at light speed with the hype team to get the job done. (Reach Up) Chorus repeats. Sit in line what you waiting for/get it right what you hating for?/what you got (shake that ..that) half bad with this sound going to take that/not used to me/you gotta pay dues to be that/ it takes to be the man in the box/The P-I-M-P/Beleive to release the sound/The N-U-M-B/The I-N-G to the inner soul/spread the L-O-V-E the D-U-B/R double o S-T-E-R who callering me?/I caught you spitting, hitting the magic to the R-A-P (p)/gotta feel this beat thats thumping/bumping inside your stomach/can it be that you got the feeling/get real when the beat coming in/and bounce b-bounce bounce up to the ceiling/then dip dip down to the ground until your back starts killing/on to the left right left right (right)/keeping it tight/back & forth front to the back back/to the front working it all night/When you found what your looking for well you gotta count me in/cause underground a mountain/never bowing down to the wind so... Repeat chorus...

End Title Credit Info:
"It's All or Nothing"
Written by Mark Thomas, Gunnar Olsen, Shawn Murphy, Cornell Saluone, Rick Angulo
Performed by Numbs
Courtesy of Guapo Records/Earth Burn Music/Position Music

Cue Sheet Info:
"It's All or Nothing"
Artist - Numbs
Written by Mark Thomas (BMI - 20%), Gunnar Olsen (BMI - 20%), Shawn Murphy (BMI - 20%), Cornell Saluone (BMI - 20%), Rick Angulo (BMI - 20%)
Published by Mixed Metaphor Music (BMI - 100%)
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