Bring Her to Me

Tyrone Wells

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  • Tyrone Wells

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    Tyrone Wells (ASCAP - 100%) / Tyrone Wells Music (ASCAP - 50%), Position Music Publishing (ASCAP - 50%)


Walking down the cobble stone
I search the shadows for her constantly as I walk alone
But every time she disappears
I try to find her as these moments become years
Somewhere to belong
I've been holding out and hoping for so long
Will she hear my song?

I've been waiting on that summer wind to blow and finally bring her to me
More than just a pretty face a soul that comes and cuts right through me
On a night like any night, on the breeze she will take flight
I've been waiting all my life, so blow wind blow and bring her to me

I dream about the way she'll be
The kind of beauty that can only come from humility
There's a kindness in her eyes
And all the world falls silent when she smiles
Let me fall asleep, let her come and find me in my dream
And lead me to the deep

When your heart is tired of waiting
All your hope of love is fading
Heaven's wind might send a breeze to you
Sometimes prayers are answered from the blue

End Title Credit Info:
"Bring Her to Me"
Written by Tyrone Wells
Performed by Tyrone Wells
Courtesy of Position Music

Cue Sheet Info:
"Bring Her to Me"
Artist - Tyrone Wells
Written by Tyrone Wells (ASCAP - 100%)
Published by Tyrone Wells Music (ASCAP - 50%), Position Music Publishing (ASCAP - 50%)
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