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    Zachary Jones, ASCAP(50.00%):Ryan Oakes, BMI(50.00%)

Lyrics English

I been counted out homie ever since the fifth grade
It’s hard to make friends when you’ve never make a mistake
Even back then I had a girl that had a thick waist
Half of my “friends’ would end up finding how my kids taste

Stabbed my back they went and did it with a switch blade
And walked around town with they mother fuckin chin raised
When you 6 foot with a dick that make you 6’8
You find out pretty quick that every alpha males bitch made

Switch lanes labels tell me learn to pick a genre
But every paycheck keeps adding another comma
I got dirt on this entire industry so if they comin with the drama
Ima let fly and change my name to karma

Carbon copy mother fuckers really tryna test me
They all up on my dick it ain’t the type that’s sexy
You signed for 20 bands and somehow disrespect me
I’m making that shit every month off of my streams that shit don’t impress me


The story never change it stay the same
You look the other way pretending all my shits lame
The easy way outs to put a bullet in my brain
And watch em blow my shit up while I’d be rolling in my grave

Out of control and I’m insane, if you were me you’d be the same
Everybody got a piece of them they never learned to tame
Learned to put mine on a leash and keep it locked inside a cage
But homie I can find the key I’d need in everything you say

Tell these labels that I’m unaccessible, I’m not flexible
A feature cost however many bands at festivals
My life path gave me ten-pound testicles
That got your girl buff dog it’s not the vegetables

(Unacceptable) a menace to society
I meant what I said when I give dead men anxiety
They’re scared of what can happen if I wake up what’s inside of me
Genius or insane they’ll write a book on my psychiatry


Out stream kids that signed for milis, that’s a disaster
Labels definitely wanna kill me that bring me laughter
They tell me that I should to let it go but I’m a bastard
Ima milk it like I’m opening a fucking pasture

Drop nothing but hits boy
Killing beats like a mother fuckin sick boy
Mommy cut checks now you wanna act rich boy
I just doubled all of that, and made it off of bitcoin, Ugh

Ya’ll predictable, and unoriginal
Fuck this industry it’s too political
Half you pussies think you’re invincible
My jobs turning all of you invisible

Unforgivable, turn me to the villain
Seen the glass half full that’s unfulfilling
Ima top it off till the shit start spilling
Call 911 I’m boutta make me a killing

Fuck you

End Title Credit Info:"WAKE UP"Written By Zachary Jones/Ryan OakesPerformed By Ryan OakesCourtesy Of Position MusicCue Sheet Info:"WAKE UP"Artist - Ryan OakesWritten By Zachary Jones (ASCAP - 50.00%), Ryan Oakes (BMI - 50.00%)Published By Mixed Metaphor Music (BMI - 25.00%), Ryan Oakes Music (BMI - 25.00%), Inthecutpublishing (ASCAP - 50.00%)
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