City On The Map

Donn Eclipse

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    Daniel Brake (BMI - 50%), Donn Eclipse (BMI - 50%) / Mixed Metaphor Music (BMI - 50%), Lake Louise Music (BMI - 50%)


1st Verse:

Lately I been out my mind,
But I'm fine,
In time,
I'll be rap genius,
They'll see me as,
Young Einstein,
I'll grind,
till I get signed,
My name on the dotted line,
Future all in my face,
Leave back stabbers behind,
just honest,
On my Andre,
I'm beyond days,
99 problems,
But I don't see no Beyonce,
I wanna be beyond paid,
No time for fiancés,
Girl wait,
Cus this trailer isn't good enough,
This is for those people,
Who keep saying,
I ain't hood enough,
I just drop regret it,
Now my cred,
started going up,
I'm just showing out,
By showing up,
Just to show you up,
Hoptown what's up,
Just show me love,
Who can do it like eye,
No tears I can't cry,
I'm tryna live in the sky,
Just reping 270,
That's the code,
Till I die,
This verse I didn't try,
Next verse you'll see you,


H.P.T. I got us,
Everywhere I go,
I'll bring the city something,
It ain't never had before,
My city ain't the best,
But I'm still 270,
If you don't know what I'm doing,
Ima bout to let you know,
I'll put my city on the map,
I’ll put my city on the map,

2nd Verse:

I'm just getting started baby,
Should I go a little further,
I murder,
with word,
I'm talking crazy,
I know you probably never heard of,
my city,
I'll get it popping,
I act little bit different,
But listen,
just know I'm not same,
But can you blame me?
I've evolved into a better person,
These verses,
I perform with purpose,
No accident,
I spilled the beans,
on the cities surface,
You think my music aint the best?
Well have you really heard it?
Respect I deserve it,
I'll get to where I'm going,
Soon enough,
You'll adjust,
If not, just keep it moving,
While I'm moving up,
Girl just say,
Donn Eclipse,
Just says the smoothes stuff,
I just give my best,
But I never think I do enough,
Deep in,
The deep in,
On if I make it,
This weekend,
We can go anywhere,
By celebration,
I may go crazy,
Or maybe,
I'll make famous,
Either way that it go,
My all is what I gave it


End Title Credit Info:
"City On The Map"
Written by Daniel Brake, Donn Eclipse
Performed by Donn Eclipse
Courtesy of Beatmart Records/Position Music Music/Position Music

Cue Sheet Info:
"City On The Map"
Artist - Donn Eclipse
Written by Daniel Brake (BMI - 50%), Donn Eclipse (BMI - 50%)
Published by Mixed Metaphor Music (BMI - 50%), Lake Louise Music (BMI - 50%)
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