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Im in this world and they made me a monster
If you want my feature on a record its gonna cost ya
Seen so many men turn in imposters
Go and sell your soul for some money and some sponsors.

The youth feel entitled
Got the Whole world suicidal 
We all on the brink, but when we need to stop and think
we need to learn to swim not train on how to sink

and I'm feeling out sync, and haven't been myself
I've been feeling pretty down and I never ask for help

I need stay motivated
My goal concentrated

I will overcome the world even with the odds against me
so you better not tempt me X 4

Me and that finish line about to be reacquainted 
and i know i need Stop Getting' agitated

At whatever the world throws at me,
and I know they Try to keep me under lock and key,
Shock the whole world like OMG
Saying that I've changed but you know its still me
at the end of the tourney lifting trophies
and the mvp title so me
Put the team on my back, we a dynasty,
waiting long for a win so finally

You only fail if you don't try.
Positive Thoughts be a gold mine
You can achieve it all if you set goals.
Speed racer I set poles

If your spirits strong then you're body falls in line,
keep an mind open and you will see signs,

I will overcome the world even with the odds against me
so don't even tempt me X 4

If you want to talk about success then you know i speak fluent
if you want to change the world all you do is do it.
Gonna get what i deserve
Gonna get what i have earned.
now I know its my time to take my turn
trouble poppin' up and i tell that ISH swerve
and I'm wood grain gripping going 50 round the curve
but i know its about the ride and i know its all mine
i don't even care about the car i drive cuz
i own it, i own it , i own it
and if i had a jet then you know i would of flown it
knockin' down opponents, knockin' down opponents
taking out my camera and I'm cherishing the moment
Time flies and I'm never in coach
life's so good i don't walk i just float.
i know i make the most
lift your glass high cuz its time to make a toast

I will overcome the world even with the odds against me you better not tempt me.

End Title Credit Info:
"Overcome The World"
Written by Zach Brown, David Braxton, Lenoard Carter
Performed by Primetime Playerz
Courtesy of Position Music

Cue Sheet Info:
"Overcome The World"
Artist - Primetime Playerz
Written by Zach Brown (BMI - 33.4%), David Braxton (BMI - 33.3%), Lenoard Carter (ASCAP - 33.3%)
Published by Mixed Metaphor Music (BMI - 66.7%), Position Music Publishing (ASCAP - 33.3%)
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