Money Chase Me

Tia P

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  • Khristiana Parchman

  • Composer

    Khristiana Parchman (ASCAP - 100%) / Position Music Publishing (ASCAP - 50%), SHIRT N DRAWLZ (ASCAP - 50%)


Money chase me (2x)
And I aint runnin' after nothin' but my dream
The onlt paper trail is the 1 that Ima leave
And let the rest follow. That's what happens when you lead
(Man, money chase me) Man, money chase me (3x)
(Adlib...) Cuz I don't chase money, man, money chase me

They say it took me a minute, but see my time is impeccable
And for you not to know me, is just inacceptable
And for you not to love me – aint u heard of my music
I George Zimmermaned the game when all you did was abuse it
Tia P., is u shootin? Nah homie just cruising.
Comin through in Manolos. I got them boys Jimmie Choo-sin'
That rock start persona when I come of the stage
I turn right back into that girl you know from 'round the way
See now the only exception is when u look at my pockets
It's irrelevant how I get it. You just know that I got it
And all this money I'm making is from this doe that I've earned
I got money to blow. I got money to burn
Watch, listen, and learn about how the young girl is doin' it
Told yall I was gone be successful and now I'm just provin' it
With the money, the cars,
the clothes. But I don't chase those man...

Whether dresses and high heels, socks or Addidas slippers
I run like a Ferrari. Bet u ain't heard a better engine
Like huh? Let that thang pur.
Hear that vroom vroom. Now yo speech a lil slurred
Excuse me for being extra, but I'm an extra-ordinary individual
And the only competition I see is in my mirror
So deuces! Hasta luego. You can sign off like a radio
I don't need yo approval. Doing me is what they pay me for
Tattoos. Snapbacks. Long hair. I'm that.
Snitchin. Dissin'. Listen, you can have that
I might not have a Grammy or Jay-Z's black Maybach
But my microphone is still gold and my president – still Black
Swingin. NewJack. Daniels or the Ripper.
Got money on my heels, now I'm slippin on them Benja-
Mins. From doing all these shows. I love it.
I suppose. Cuz I don't chase money...



End Title Credit Info:
"Money Chase Me"
Written by Khristiana Parchman
Performed by Tia P
Courtesy of Position Music

Cue Sheet Info:
"Money Chase Me"
Artist - Tia P
Written by Khristiana Parchman (ASCAP - 100%)
Published by Position Music Publishing (ASCAP - 50%), SHIRT N DRAWLZ (ASCAP - 50%)
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